Melissa at Catch Your Limit in Richmond says:

We moved our office just before the holidays and were anticipating that the experience would be stressful. However, it was an exceptional experience. From start to finish, the staff was friendly and flexible. The movers took great care with our belongings and were extra careful not to scratch our our newly painted floors. The crew was awesome! Thanks!

John from Richmond says:

I had the team of movers and they were all fantastic! They wasted no time with “chit chat” but we found a little time to discuss the Redskins game with one of them, sailing on the Chesapeake with another and his history in the moving industry with the final mover… he’s a talker [just kidding] but he loosened up a bit later in the move. Seriously, these guys are the best!

I’ve had many moves of my homes and businesses over the years but this was the best ever – almost enjoyable.

My hat’s off to you guys!